2017: What do You choose?


2017: What do You choose?

Ask Yourself what you choose for the new year. It could be one word. Or a concept. Write it down and do your best to live in congruence with it.

I asked myself the same question. For 2017 I choose:

Making a decision, weighing it well and then sticking to it. In other words: decisiveness and persistence.

Living in alignment with my values.

Minimizing. Giving away things I no longer need. Unsubscribing from newsletters. Cooking more simple dishes. etc.

What do You choose?

With all my soul,


What really feels right?

Ask Yourself: What is really right for me? Better yet ask yourself: What really FEELS right for me?

Is this thing or that person that You so badly believe You need (right NOW) in alignment with what you truly value?

Or do You just believe that You need it or him/her because You heard someone talking about it, read somewhere about it or because it would look good to be with that person?

Be still and ask Your Soul that question.

With all my Soul,


Lessons learned & things to practice more


1. Trust Yourself.

You have to trust Yourself and Your intuition because only You know what life path, what people and what things are right for You. I believe that first You have to know what You want – then it is great finding someone who can help You to go where You want to go, because he or she is already there. But first You have to trust Yourself and Your intuition.

2. When you feel stuck: Move.

Like Tony Robbins said: motion creates emotion. When You feel stuck, confused or helpless try to move. Go for a run, do some yoga, clean something in your flat or simply change the room that You are in. By doing that You will immediately feel more clarity.

3. Know and honour Your truth.

This point is actually an extension of point one. Knowing You values, knowing what kind of friendships You need, knowing what You need at work, knowing what You need in a relationship, knowing what kind of environment and how much money You need to be happy – all that is included here. Sometimes it can be hard to stick to Your truth – especially when it is not in line with what Your parents, family or general society values. I believe that You can deny Your truth for some time. But ultimately there is no way around it and You will – sooner or later – have to face it, be okay with it and hopefully (one day) even love it.

4. Sleep.

When You are tired: Sleep. When You are stressed out and lots of (new) things happen in Your life: Sleep. Allow yourself to sleep. You need sleep in order to process everything that You experience in a day. You need sleep to remember the things that You have learned. And Your body needs it to recover. When You are well rested You have a clearer mind, feel calmer and it is easier for You to make a good decision. (for sure: sometimes it is fun to stay up late too :))

5. Focus on one thing at a time.

When You write something- just write. When You eat someting- just eat (and do not eat AND read, or eat AND watch TV or eat AND read AND watch TV – I am not really good at that one either yet :)). When You talk to someone – just talk to them (and do not continuously look at Your phone, Your watch or around in the room). Be present with what You do. Be here Now. Consciousness with what You do will make You happier, more productive and others feel amazing around You.

6. Let go.

We have read and heard it so many times: You have to LET GO. It is hard, but so necessary in order to move on. You have to learn to let go of friendships and relationships that do not give You what You are willing to give and what You need. You have to learn to let go of people and things that drag you down. You have to learn to let go of old belifs that no longer serve You. As I already said: It is hard, it takes time but it is worth the daily effort until achieved.

7. Be okay with the things You can not change.

„Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.“ 

If something You do not love and cannot changeEven though I believe that if You do not like a circumstance and are not able to learn loving it we should aim at changing it, sometimes it can not be done right away. Then we have to try being okay with it. Concerning people: you can not change someone. There will always be people who do things that bother you and are not aligned with what is true for you. We have to be okay with that. We can not change someone. They will only change if THEY decide to do so. Not when you want them to.

8. Be Kind.

Be kind to the people you meet in your life. Help others when they need you. Be friendly to the waiter at your favourite café. Smile at the cashier at the supermarket. It doesn’t cost you lots of energy or time – but I can make someones day. What we give out comes always back to us in one way or another.

With all my Soul,